Enslaved	Riitiir 2xLP (6106720141511)

Enslaved Riitiir 2xLP

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While upholding the level of intensity and energy from Axioma Ethica Odini, Riitiir takes a turn for the more unpredictable, progressive and frankly; epic. The underlying theme of the universal concept man as a ritualistic being also seeps into the music; it is dense, powerful and multilayered. Any doubt about Enslaved’s unrelenting will to progress and explore was swept away, the same was any prospect of the band settling down, using recipes to re-create the safe past – yet this album hinted strongly at a band that are drawing heavily on their roots, but intertwining them with newfound influences, progressive expansion and a general undying love for music.


1. Thoughts Like Hammers 
2. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn 
3. Veilburner 
4. Roots Of The Mountain 
5. Riitiir 
6. Materal 
7. Storm Of Memories 
8. Forsaken

Color: Black

Price: 24.90€

Label: Nuclear Blast
Media Type: 2x12"LP
Release date: September 28, 2012

Genre: Progressive Metal / Black Metal

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