Jo Quail - The Cartographer CD Digipack
Jo Quail - The Cartographer CD Digipack

Jo Quail - The Cartographer CD Digipack

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Internationally acclaimed composer and virtuoso cellist from London Jo Quail new studio album “The Cartographer” on CD Digipack!

“The Cartographer” is a piece commissioned by the renown Roadburn Festival, who will host its premiere performance in April 2022 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The project, initially planned for 2020, explores the space where classical instrumentation and contemporary heavy music intersect: how classical music has a heaviness of its own, and how these elements can be brought into contemporary heavy genres.

The Cartographer - composed by Jo Quail
Scored for Electric Cello (Jo Quail), Electric Violin (Danielle Van Berkom), Piano (Floris Verbeij), Male Vocal (Jake Harding), Female Vocal (Lucie Dehli), Orchestral Percussion (Nils Jenster and Vito Guerrieri) and 8 Trombones (The New Trombone Collective - Remko De Jager, Koen Kaptijn, Alexander Verbeek, Pierre Volders, Sebastiaan Kemner, Lode Smeets, Mark Boonstra and Brandt Atemma). Spoken word written by Jo Quail, narrated by Alice Krige.

Conducted by Jos Pijnappel.

Recorded at Groenland Studios - Engineered by Hans Ravestein
Mixed and Mastered at Riff Studios by James Griffiths
Produced by James Griffiths and Jo Quail


1. Movement 1
2. Movement 2
3. Movement 3
4. Movement 4
5. Movement 5

Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: CD Digipack
Release date: May 6th, 2022
Genre: Contemporary Classical / Post Metal