TVINNA Releases New Album "Two - Wings Of Ember"

TVINNA Releases New Album

It is the moment we have all been waiting for. Dark electronic quartet TVINNA from Germany have their full album 'Two - Wings of Ember' via By Norse on February 23!

The journey has been breathtaking. Over the last couple of months, the band has been on a ride of releasing powerful singles like LougaTwo Staves and Fortress. And to top it off, the band released their last single of the album Arma yesterday. 

The band gives their insights on the release here:

"With „Two - Wings Of Ember“ we’re continuing our journey through life, handling the wild and untamable forces of youth and fire. This album is as intimate as it gets, as we’ve dived deep into our own inner realities, memories, emotions and visions. „Two - Wings Of Ember“ and its 11 songs are our reflection on the second chapter on Life: the state of the young soul. It is a state of dreams, boundaries, infinity, emotions and inner fires."

"As we’ve passed the gate into it, we find ourselves enlightened with pure life, pushing us forward untamable. Yet, we’re not alone, guided and guarded it is our mission to find our own purpose and vision. Each song may take you in, putting you on your own journey, deep down into the depths of your dreams, questioning your own realities and wishes. This album has taken a lot from us, we had to be courageous and by being so, we fell, then rose, evolved and grew. The overall sound is more mature, heavy and dark and definite. We deeply believe one can only awaken emotions, when feeling them yourself, so you have to be candid and vulnerable - our constant claim into „Two - Wings Of Ember“ and ourselves.“

Order / Listen to 'Two - Wings of Ember' here: