Mari Boine - Alva 2x12" (Black)

Mari Boine - Alva 2x12" (Black)

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On her new album Alva, singer, musician, activist and cultural icon Mari Boine offers glimpses into a childhood which she abandoned when she chose to leave behind a strict religious upbringing in order to pursue a life of activism. The new studio record reflects on finding the balance the between her, the at times lonely, mission to share the culture and histories of the Sámi people through music to people across the world, and her personal journey and relationships.

Alva reflects the “willpower” of its name, and takes the listener on a musical journey of exhilarating momentum, spurred along by a full band. There’s an emancipated energy that is also reflected in the music, soaring to new heights over vast imagined landscapes of the tundra of Northern Norway.

1. Die dien luohkkái / Up That Hill
2. Dánsso fal mu váhkaran / Keep On Dancing Váhkaran
3. Olamuttos letne ain / Still Within Reach
4. Oidnojuvvon / Destiny
5. Mu eadni / Mother of Mine
6. Várjalivccet min vuolláneames / Keep Us From Giving Up
7. Miedušteapmi / Halfway Home
8. Anárjoh’gáttis / By My Beautiful River
9. Oainnestan / Glimpses
10. Vuoi beaivi don eallima addi / O Beaivi Giver of Life
11. Áhkánsuolu
12. Rohkos / A Prayer
13. Lean dás / I Am Always Here 

Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: 2x12" LP in Gatefold
Color: Black
Release date: September 6th, 2024
Genre: World Music / Folk / Nordic Folk

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