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Kaunan - Forn CD Digipack

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The Nordic-folk trio KAUNAN breathe new life into old traditional Scandinavian music, re-awakening the ancient realms of pre-Christian folklore by drawing on ancient songs and tunes; odd scales; early folk instruments like the kontrabasharpa, the hurdy-gurdy, various lutes, the lyre, and the bagpipes; and the old Nordic myths.

After nine years of performing and collecting song material, KAUNAN will finally release their debut album entitled “FORN” through the Norwegian label BY NORSE MUSIC later this fall.

KAUNAN is Oliver S. Tyr (Ger.), Boris Koller (Au.) and Göran Hallmarken (Swe). Oliver S. Tyr is the frontman of the well-known German folk band FAUN. Boris Koller is a professional painter and composer who specializes in working with the old types of Nyckelharpa (the Kontrabasharpa, and Gammelharpa). He has contributed to numerous studio productions and concerts performed by various early music ensembles. Göran Hallmarken is one of the most outstanding hurdy-gurdy players on the Swedish folk and medieval music scene.

As of now (2017), KAUNAN have played concerts in Germany, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Audiences have been fascinated not only by their virtuous performances, but also by the drive and archaic power that lies behind their fresh interpretations of the old songs. KAUNAN do not simply play a Polska; they celebrate it, with almost religious passion.

The upcoming album features contributions by leading guest musicians such as Einar Selvik (WARDRUNA), Maria Franz (HEILUNG and SONGLEIKR) and the Swedish percussionist Dhani Åhlman. Accompanied by a booklet rich in illustrations, photos and background stories about the folklore traditions that lie behind the songs, “FORN” will open a new previously uncharted doorway into the world of the ancient north.


Boris Koller: Kontrabasharpa, Oktavkontrabasharpa
Göran Hallmarken: Vocals, Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipe, Mouth Harp
Oliver s. Tyr: Irish Bouzouki, Mandora, Mandola, Trossingen Lyra, Mouth Harp


Dhani Åhlman: Percussion
Einar Selvik: Vocals on “Vallåt”
Maria Franz: Vocals on “Vallåt”
Ilan Rosén: Mouth Harp on “Den gamle Sordølen”


1. Halteguten 4:38 Min
2. Polska Svit 3:47 Min
3. Elve Fert 5:24 Min
4. Vandringen 4:52 Min
5. Svärdsjö Polska 3:34Min
6. Vallåt 4:09 Min
7. Noaks Pennkniv 4:47 Min
8. Byss Kalles Vals 4:39 Min
9. Den Gamle Sordølen 2:16 Min
10. Polska från Älvdal 4:11 Min
11. Dansen Ungdom 3:37 Min

Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: CD Digipack
Release date: October 13, 2017
Traditional Folk/World Music

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