Kjell Braaten - Ferd - 2LP Transparent (6106721222855)

Kjell Braaten - Ferd 2x12" (Transparent)

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KJELL BRAATEN NEW ALBUM "FERD" ON 2LP TRANSPARENT! By Norse Music store exclusive, limited to 100 copies worldwide!

"Ferd" means "journey", "travel", and "to explore". The album's primary focus is to honor those who traveled the world, thus expanding knowledge and facilitating cultural exchange. This aspect is highlighted through working with music in a historical sense, as most of the travelers' instruments were brought back from cultures far away - bringing with them musical inspiration as well.

1. Kyst
2. Vestarveg
3. Skogsflukt
4. Vette
5. Østavind
6. Storebjørn
7. Ritet
8. Huldra
9. Blåne
10. Ferd

Label: By Norse Music
Media type: 2LP gatefold
Color: Transparent
Release date: November 13th, 2020
Genre: World Music / Folk

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