Sowulo - MANN Limited 12" (Gold)

Sowulo - MANN Limited 12" (Gold)

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Acclaimed Nordic Dark Folk artist Sowulo's album ‘MANN’ available for the first time on vinyl! Limited Gold edition, By Norse online stores exclusive!

Are you ready to be initiated by the four archetypes within?

With these songs, Sowulo founder Faber Horbach intentionally invokes his inner Warrior, Lover, King and Magician and hopes it will help you to do the same. This album is all about growing into a mature human being by connecting with the power of the four archetypes, and consciously walking together with them on the adventure we call the wheel of life. These compositions express his interpretation of the four archetypes which he connects to the four seasons within and without, and so they follow the cyclical nature of mann.

‘MANN’ was initially released in August 2019; composed and produced by Faber Horbach. The album has amassed over 2,6 Mio streams.

With immersive songs, Sowulo celebrates our great pagan legacy and takes an inner spiritual journey. The lyrics and the music, created with (early) medieval and contemporary instruments combined with cinematic sounds and voice, invoke archetypical wisdom and express the cyclical nature of existence.

Sowulo is a project formed by the Dutch multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Faber Horbach. With a great passion for music, history and shamanism, Faber has a need for creating melancholic and meaningful songs full of spirit and depth, he has inspired thousands of listeners around the world to connect with their cyclical and spiritual nature through his music.


Side A:
1. Gastcyning
2. Wulfwiga
3. Heahlufu
4. Sceadugenga
5. Brego in Breoste
6. Swinhaeledas

Side B:
1. Faegru Fara
2. Slincan Snican
3. Innra Aecer
4. Beraboarn
5. Deoplicu Dearf
6. Wohs Wildum

Release date: February 25th, 2022
Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: 12" vinyl in Gatefold
Color: Gold
Genre: World Music / Folk

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