Sowulo - Wurdiz Limited 2x12" (Grey)
Sowulo - Wurdiz Limited 2x12" (Grey)

Sowulo - Wurdiz Limited 2x12" (Grey)

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Acclaimed Nordic Dark Folk artist Sowulo new studio album “Wurdiz" on 2x12" vinyl with etched D-side, gatefold and printed innersleeves! Limited Grey edition, By Norse online stores exclusive.

"Wurdiz", the proto-germanic word for destiny, is about the dance between fate and free will and with these songs, Sowulo's founder and multi-instrumentalist Faber Horbach intentionally connects to fate and let it incite him to become a weaver of his own destiny.

The album is all about relating to fate as the unfolding turning of events and the journey of becoming aware of one's own threads within the tapestry of life. As the twelve songs unfold, the replicas of historical instruments in combination with modern-day instruments and production techniques confer to "Wurdiz" a powerful and cinematic sound that takes you on a journey within. While the carnyx, lyre, nyckelharpa, Irish bouzouki, Celtic harp and blow horns create echoes from the distant past; throat singing, spoken incantations and powerful vocals tell the stories on a deep emotional level, accompanied by bombastic percussion and strings.


1. Wyrd Webba
2. Stearcost ealra
3. Æt wega gelætan
4. Eaxlgestealla
5. Begalan
6. Min ban
7. Ceorfan
8. Sunnanleoman
9. Ðæs webban cræft
10. Ungewiss
11. Slæp nu softe
12. Awæcnian

Release date:  September 9th, 2022
Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: 2x12" vinyl in Gatefold
Color: Grey
Genre: World Music / Folk

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