We are very happy and excited to welcome Jonna Jinton to the By Norse family! Jonna is an award-winning, multidisciplinary artist and storyteller from Sweden, widely known for her artistic expressions through films and photography, music, paintings and jewelry. 

Jonna comments on joining By Norse:
"I am so honored to announce my signing with By Norse, a partnership that marks a new chapter in my musical journey, and resonates deeply with my love for Nordic-inspired music. Collaborating with a team that genuinely aligns with my values and style fuels my passion and creativity, and will be the perfect place for me to evolve as an artist in the direction that my heart yearns for.

It’s not only a dream come true, but also a chance to explore new horizons and bring my music to a wider audience."

Einar Selvik, co-founder of By Norse, addsLike so many others, I have followed Jonna´s work for many years now. I’ve really admired her creative  talents as well as her captivating, brave and honest way of telling her own story, alongside being a voice for both nature and culture in a wonderful way. The whole By Norse team and myself are grateful for the trust and opportunity and we are greatly looking forward to providing a good and nourishing home for Jonna’s musical artistry!

Up until now, Jonna’s music has only been available on her YouTube channel, where she has enchanted millions of people from around the world. On the 7th of February 2024 her album 'Songs & Callings' will be released and these wonderful songs will finally available on all major digital music platforms. Today, we share the first song from the album Songs & Callings, her famous cover of "The Wolf Song" which you can listen to here:

Jonna comments on the release of "The Wolf Song": "I'm very excited to share my debut single, The Wolf Song, a heartfelt rendition of the iconic lullaby from Astrid Lindgren's beloved film "Ronja the Robber's Daughter."
Ever since I was a child this film and the lullaby moved me deeply, and in my version of this song, I have strived to capture the essence of the original while infusing it with my own touch and style.

I hope this song, which has soothed and inspired me throughout my life, brings the same comfort and inspiration to the listeners."