Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne release new album "Islet"

Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne release new album

Today marks the release of the album "Islet", concluding an incredible journey for the Norwegian collective Lindy - Fay Hella (Wardruna) & Dei Farne.

Having previously unveiled two teaser tracks "Whisper" and "Low Water" over the last couple of months, Lindy-Fay and Dei Farne are now eager to share their entire album with the world.  

Lindy-Fay and Roy Øle comment:

"On "Islet" we have been travelling deeper into the world of synthesizers. As kids in the 80's we were both playing synthesizers as our first instrument and have been enchanted with them ever since. " 

The beautiful auditory experience was created during the pandemic, from which the musicians merged with an album that paints a vivid musical canvas of our collective journey through unprecedented times. 

Listen/ Order the album here: 

Tracklist 'Islet' 

  1. Sintra
    2. Dark Water
    3. Whisper
  2. Low Water
  3. Slowly The Light Dies Out
    6. Like The Star
    7. Don't Do Right
    8. Furnas
    9. The Fluttering Sail