New partnership with indigenous multi-instrumentalist and artist Emil Kárlsen

New partnership with indigenous multi-instrumentalist and artist Emil Kárlsen

By Norse Music is happy to announce a new partnership with indigenous multi-instrumentalist and artist Emil Kárlsen from Norway. In celebration of this new collaboration, Emil is presenting a new single 'Viehkkin - Erjan', taken from the upcoming EP, Binnát. The track is out on all digital streaming platforms now. Watch the music video here:

This young talent previously released two audio albums, won several awards with his former band Resirkulert and cooperated with several renowned musicians on his first album Nagirvárrái, among them Lávre, Katarina Barruk, Hildá Länsman and The Arctic Philharmonic

Emil Kárlsen states: "I’m honoured that By Norse Music took me aboard, I think we are a cool combination, and it feels like it’s being done in the right time. After almost two years working with theatre and TV, I’m very ready to release more music again, and signing with By Norse is definitely a milestone!"

Mélanie Duperrex, director of By Norse Music comments: "We are very proud to announce the signing of the young and talented multi-instrumentalist artist from the Northern Sámi community Emil Kárlsen! Emil is an accomplished musician and mutlifaceted artist carrying forward his Sámi heritage, and we are honoured to welcome him as a new member of the By Norse Music family."

"Viehkkin-Erjan," is a modern luohti (yoik) that belongs to- and seeks to depict Emil’s dear friend and partner in crime Ørjan Marakatt. Viehkkin-Erjan translates into «Runner-Ørjan», his sámi nickname refering to both his hobby of running, and his energetic personality.

A person’s luohti (yoik) is concidered a kind of sonic name for who you are yoiking. In those terms, you don’t yoik about someone, but you yoik someone, attempting to paint a picture of who you are yoiking with voicedynamics and sometimes with words. Traditionally one would yoik freely without music, but this is a modern form of yoiking where Emil arranged suitable and very catchy music for his friend’s tune.

Emil Kárlsen - Live shows 2024 (more to be announced)
May 22-23rd - Nordic Folk Alliance, Roskilde (DK) 
June 8th - Kråkeslottfestivalen, Senja (NO)
June 13-15th - Northern Expo, Bodø (NO)
June 24th - "Det nye nord" på Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad (NO)
June 25th - Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad. (NO)
July 6th - Ohcejoga šearrá, Ohcejohka (FI)
July 10-13th - Riddu Riđđu festivála, Gáivuotna (NO)

Photo by Bertelsen