DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)
DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)
DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)
DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)
DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)
DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)

DROTT - Orcus 12" (Black)

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DROTT first full-length studio album “Orcus” on 12" Black vinyl in Gatefold!

“In the realms of the dead dwells Orcus, the punisher of broken oaths in the afterlife. He is Lord in this abode for purification of the souls, the Underworld. This is the katabasis of DROTT.

Called by The Lure, DROTT is flung into the maze of Caerdroia, descending deeper and closer to the realms of Orcus. As darkness grows, DROTT grasps at every beam of light possible in Katabasis, before realizing the true nature of the journey. As DROTT faces the sad and gloomy shore called The Strait, contours of The Psychopomp emerge from the shadows, he is the guide of souls in the passage between the living and the dead. So begins the journey into Orcus.

By The Lunar Lake recalls the echoes from the past. A feeling of tranquillity and connection with the living, unaware of the Marauders lurking nearby. Escaping the savage Marauders, Grey Gull ascends, restoring tranquillity and strength before DROTT´s final descent through The Arch of Gloom. There awaits Orcus, the judge, punisher and purificator. The Lord of the Underworld.”

DROTT is comprised of Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver) and Matias Monsen and hails from Bergen in the west coast of Norway. With their varied musical background ranging from metal and jazz to classical music, they create the genre which can only be described as DROTT. Inspired by forces of nature, superstition and spirituality the trio explores light within darkness through their music.


1. The Lure
2. Caerdroia
3. Katabasis
4. The Strait
5. Psychopomp
6. By the Lunar Lake
7. The Marauders
8. Grey Gull
9. Arch of Gloom
10. Orcus

Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: 12" Black vinyl Gatefold
Release date: October 15, 2021
Genre: Progressive Rock

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